Good old fashion pizza. The way it ought to be.

Love it, hands down. The Stromboli is simply heavenly, wow! The place has a really nice dining atmosphere, dim lighting, and intimate tables. Two thumbs up!
- Emily Smith
It all started with Pasquale Gramaglia’s passion to serve his country. When he was only 16 years old, that passion led Pasquale to lie about his age so he could join the Navy during WWII. He was assigned to kitchen duty on a submarine, where he developed a love and talent for cooking.

After the war, his drive went from serving his country to serving people. While working in a factory, he volunteered to cook for his well-known Italian recipes for his co-workers. The operation became so popular that Pasquale worked out an arrangement to continue cooking the sauces and meats in the factory while he brought in his brother, Vinny Gramaglia, to bake the breads and pizza dough. They opened their first pizzeria in Cincinnati and after 5 years, had opened 48 more locations.

Recipes and ingredients changed over time, but it wasn’t until 2010 when the original Pasquale’s was reborn. Pasquale’s nephew, Jim DeCamp, opened a pizzeria in Indianapolis and brought back all the famous recipes and classic menu items from over 50 years ago. That’s the Original Pasquale’s!